Mr. Gerry O. Laroza, Head of the Computer and Audio Visual Services of the Rizal Library of Ateneo de Manila University created INFOLIB, a free library information system intended for small libraries and non-profit entities with 10,000 or less collection . Through the generosity of Mrs. Lourdes David, Director of Rizal Library, INFOLIB installer was given to libraries for free as part of their outreach program. The province of Quezon is privileged to be given this free software and be one of the pioneers in using the library system. INFOLIB update installer is now available and can be accessed through the QLA Officers.

Libraries in Quezon Province Using INFOLIB

Quezon Provincial LibraryIsmaelinda S. Cabana

Lucena City LibraryClarissa Vergara

Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc.
Isabel Noreen R. Rairata

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Seminary
Arlene Villanueva

St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.
Nida Jaromahum

Quezon National Agricultural School
Sayre Dialola

Maryhill College
Eulalia G. Zapata

Q.E.C., Atimonan, Quezon
Marissa P.Villarama

Atimonan Municipal Library
Manuelita Veranga

Erlita M. Villamiel

St. John Parochial School
Bridgette D. Tubigan

Integlobal College Foundation,Inc.
Juliana L. Escasa

Lutucan National High School
Fhraned B. Edad

Imelda B. Resposo

Raymond M. Velasco

Mauban Municipal Library
Julie Ann Cada

Polillo Municipal Library
Maridel C. Fabricante

Maligaya National High School
Ma. Lila Medea L. Labios

Philippine Tong-Ho Institute
Mark Magsadia

M. S. Enverga Institute—San Antonio
Bernie M. Castillo

Tayabas Western Academy
Josefina Cedeno

Sacred Heart College
Aurora Navela

Infanta National High School
Veneracion Fernandez

Baptist Voice Bible College
Wench Labino

Bristol Integrated School
Carla Carandang

Here's how to update INFOLIB Library Information System:
Source: Mr. Gerry Laroza
For Existing Infolib Users:

1. Backup the gldb.mdb (database) file and gl.txt file. Copy it somewhere else, to another hard
disk, or any other folder in the hard disk, to a flash drive, cdrom, etc. Just be sure, it is properly
2. Rename the glsystems folder to a new folder. Let’s say glsystems_orig.
3. Do the Infolib installation. It will create a new glsystems folder.
4. Copy your backed-up gldb.mdb to the new glsystems folder. It will overwrite the blank
5. Run infolibupdate.exe. It will modify the structure of your old gldb.mdb
6. Explore the updates.
Notes: Updates includes:

infolibCatAV – for cataloging AV Materials
infolibUpdate – for updating database structure
forWeb – for exporting your database into a new database (forweb.mdb) to be used on the web
InfolibOpac scripts (Windows) – you can add this to your web server together with your
forweb.mdb so that it can be searched over the web.
Special Note:

If you want to use the system over the network:
1. Share the glsystems folder (with read/write permission) in the computer that will act as
Ex. You share glsystems folder in computer
2. You should edit gl.txt and it will contain text as follows:
Then Save.
The latest version of INFOLIB can be downloaded at

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Infolib updates can now be downloaded at Infolib website.