Reshaping Librarianship Seminar

Quezon Librarians Association (QLA) held a seminar with the theme “Reshaping Librarianship” on January 11, 2008 at the Audio Visual Room of St. Anne College, Lucena City.

Dr. Rogelio B. Llave, Vice-President for Academic Affairs of St. Anne College gave a welcome remarks followed by an opening remarks by Mrs. Teresita DJ. Magbag, outgoing QLA President. Ms. Ivy Rose Y. Atienza, QLA Secretary introduced the 107 participants from private and public libraries in Quezon Province.

Ms. Jenalyn A. Pancho, QLA PRO introduced the first speaker, Ms. Venmar V. Ruanto, DepED Division of Quezon Education Supervisor I (English-Secondary) and Library Hub Coordinator. She discussed “Quezon Library Hub: Its importance and role to the community.” According to her, some students in high school do not know how to read due to lack of reading resources. She also emphasized that over 15% of Filipino students are illiterate and it was because some students have no reading habits and have insufficient reading resources. To address the problem, the Library Hub Project was established. A fruitful open forum followed.

The new set of officers took their oath before Mr. Marcial Batiancila, PLAI-STRLC Chair. The newly inducted officers were: Mrs. Rosario Villamater, president; Mrs. Aurora Navela, vice presidents; Ms. Ivy Rose Atienza, secretary; Mrs. Miled Ibias, treasurer; Ms. Eulalia Zapata, auditor; Ms. Jenalyn Pancho, P.R.O.; Ms. Manuelita Veranga and Mr. Panfilo Talisic, Council of Elders and Mrs. Teresita Magbag, Ex-Officio. Mrs. Ismaelinda Cabana was appointed by the Exetutive Officers adviser as she is one of the proponent of the association together with Mrs. Villamater.

Ms. Audrey Anday, College Librarian of UP Open University was introduced by Ms. Noreen Rairata of MSEUF Candelaria. Ms. Anday deeply discussed “Reshaping Libraries and Librarianship: a look at the past, an assessment of the present and a peep to the future.” She started her talk by a simple motivation wherein she asked the participants to form six (6) groups to design and describe the types of libraries assigned in each group.

A closing remarks was given by Ms. Lally Zapata, QLA Vice-Chair and Conference chair. Ms. Marisel Viñer and Ms. Marietta Nayve were the Masters of the Ceremony. (Myrna P. Macapia)

PAID Members as of January 11, 2008

ABELLANOSA, Gemma M. Luis Palad National High School, Tayabas City
AGUILO, Teresita I. Tulo-Tulo Elem. School, Sariaya
ALAYAN, Eleanor B. Amontay National High School, Pitogo
ANDAY, Cynthia F. Alabat Municipal Library
APOLINAR, Angelo L. Padre Burgos District
ATIENZA, Ivy Rose Y. Lucena City Library
BALMES, Sarah Jane Doingawan National High School, Guinyangan
BERROYA, Alicia Z. West Palale Nat’l High School, Tayabas City
BLASURA, Elena M. Pitogo Central School
BONBON, Maria Josefina Tagbakan Ila. Elem. School, Catanuan
CABATIAN, Jocelyn L. Con. Ibaba, Sariaya, Quezon
CALIMLIM, Hazel Mulanay Central School
CALPATURA, Ma. Luisa M. LGU Catanuan, Quezon
CAPARROS, Veneracion LGU Gumaca, Quezon
CAPONPON, Editha San Isidro Nat’l High School, Gen. Luna
CAPOY, Mardee M. Sta. Lucia Nat’l High School, Guinyangan
CASTILLO, Bernie M. MSEUF San Antonio
CAYABYAB, Janice A. Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc.
CLEOPE, Vilma M. Guinyangan National High School
COLEGIO, Lucila V. Canda Nat’l High School, Sariaya, Quezon
CORTEZ, Ma. Soledad M. Gumaca National High School
CUYA, Mila D. Atimonan Central School
DALUGDOG, Femia D. MSEUF, Lucena City
DELA FUERTA,Buenafe Z. MSEUF, Lucena City
DUMARAOS, Jun M. Mauban North
EDAD, Fhraned B. Lutucan National High School, Sariaya
ENCINA, Artemio T. Pagbilao Central Elem. School
ENVERGA, Marietta Z. MSEUF, Lucena City
ESQUIVEL, Susana F. Gumaca National High School
FELISMINO, Edita V. Sampaloc I Elementary School, Sariaya
FUNTILAR, Melinda T. Mulanay Municipal Library
GABRIEL, Jocelyn A. MSEUF, Candelaria, Quezon
GARATE, Necitas Malusak Elementary School, Atimonan
GARCIA, Aisa Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc.
GARCIA, Nerissa C. Tinagonan Iba. National High School
GARIN, Edenia A. Kinagun-an Iba. High School Extension
GONDA, Perlita C. Unisan National High School
GRIMALDO, Gerry A. Gumaca West Central
HERNANDEZ, Virginia Atimonan Central School
IBIAS, Miled G. Lucena City Library
ILAGAN, Sheryl M. Guis-Guis Talon, Sariaya
IMPERIAL, Trinidad A. St. Anne College, Lucena City
JAROMAHUM, Nida A. St. Anne College, Lucena City
KAIBIGAN, Ligaya A. Bukal Sur Nat’l High School, Candelaria
LABARIÑO, Wenchita R. Baptist Voice Bible College
LABIOS, Ma. Lila Medea Maligaya Nat’l High School. Atimonan
LAZONA, Marites R. Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc.
LIBRANDA, Baby Lyn Alabat Elementary School
LLANES, Reynaldo B. L. Salvador Nat’l High School, Agdangan
MABULAY, Ormilinda Sariaya East District
MACAPIA, Myrna R. Sariaya Insitute, Sariaya, Quezon
MACATIAG, Arabel Quezon District
MAGBAG, Teresita DJ MSEUF, Lucena City
MALAYA, Julieta A. Catanuan Central School

MANONGSONG, Mina D. Con. Banahaw Sariaya West
MARAMCA, Rolando V. Leonardo D. Veracruz NHS, Unisan
MARQUESES, Lea J. Calauag West
MEDENILLA, Mildred U. San Narciso Municipal Library
MENDOZA, Rebecca A. MSEUF, Lucena City
MOJARES, Apolinario R.
MONTES, Carmen S. Atimonan Nat’l Comp. High School
MONTEVERDE, Laureano Quezon Elementary School
MOSES, MAILA General Nakar District
NAVELA, Aurora A. Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
NAYVE, Marietta C. Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
NOBLE, Christian San Roque Ilaya National High School
NOBLE, Minerva Calauag National High School
Nuñez, Rosalie Magsaysay National High School
NORIEL, Nora LGU Plaridel, Quezon
OBNAMIA, Ma. Loreto Paaralang Elementarya ng Lucban
OJO, Zenaida C. Sariaya West
ORTIZ, Benilda R. San Narciso Vocational School
PAGLINAWAN, Milagros San Isidro Nat’l H. S., Catanuan
PALEZAR, Edwin B. San Isidro Nat’l H. S., Tagkawayan
PALMIANO, Jaylyn Cagbalite Island NHS, Mauban
PANAL, Marites Quezonian Educational College
PANCHO, Jenalyn A. Quezon Provincial Library
PAPAG, Marietta M. Malinao Ilaya NHS
PARCAREY, Zosima Macalelon Central
PEREYRA, Leopoldo Catanuan Municipal Library
PORTALES, Iona P. RECS, Real, Quezon
POTENCIA, Ma. Gracia General Nakar District
PUNSALAN, Abigail Cecilia Unisan District
QUIOGUE, Aleli M. Calauag West District
RAIRATA, Isabel Noreen R. MSEUF, Candelaria, Quezon
RESPONSO, Imelda B. Alabat Island Nat’l High School
RODANILLA, Lucita L. Sampaloc Elementary School
ROSALES, Georgina R. Morong Sariaya East
SAMONTE, Rosario V. Atimonan Central School
SASA, Gladylyn Sampaloc National High School
SASOT, Reynaldo Calauag East Central School
SERDON, Luz M. Lopez West Elementary School
TABARINA, Wilfredo Sacred Heart College
TAN, Lina L. Sariaya East District
TOLENTINO, Regina M. Claro M. Recto Central School, Tiaong
UY, Adelaida Gumaca East Elementary School
VALLE, Gertrudes S. Paaralang Elementarya ng Lucban
VALLESTEROS, Estelita M. Janagdaong I Sariaya West
VALONZO, Milliardo A. Con. Nat’l High School, Plaridel
VELUYA, Lamberto V. Olongtao Nat’l High School
VERANGA, Manuelita R. Atimonan Municipal Library
VILLA, Shirley S. Cabay National High School
VILLAMATER, Rosario MSEUF, Lucena City
VILLASANTA, Libranda E. Lopez Nat’l Comprehensive H. S.
VIÑER, MARISEL P. Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
ZAPATA, EULALIA G. Maryhill College, Lucena City

this list is updated as of January 11, 2008, those who has paid their Php 100.00 annual membership fee last April 25, 2008 will be posted soon.

Useful Websites/Blogspots for Librarians

Here are some of useful websites and blogspots that librarians and library staff can use in their daily library activities:

1. - the official website of The National Library of the Philippines
2. - the official website of Quezon Librarians Assoc.

Forthcoming Conferences and Seminars for Librarians

QLA's Forum on "Library Automation Updates" and General Assembly
Library Complex, Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation
University Site, Lucena City
December 05, 2008

National Conference on "The Multicultural Landscape of Philippine Librarianship"
Grand Men Seng Hotel, Davao City
November 20-22, 2008

Seminar-Workshop on "Conservation of Documentary Heritage Collection"
Regency Inn, Villa Abrille St., Davao City
October 27-29, 2008
Seminar Fee: Php 4,900.00

"Seminar on Managing Library Accreditations"
Highlander Hotel, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
October 24-25, 2008
Seminar Fee: Php 3,000.00 (Live-in; Lodging only)
Php 2,500.00 (Live-out)

Seminar on "Information Access: Techniques & Strategies"
Java Hotel, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
October 22-24, 2008
Seminar Fee: Php 6,800.00 (Live-in)
Php 5,600.00 (Live-out)

Seminar-Workshop on "Moving Targets: Understanding Our Changing Landscape"
Quezon City Public Library Main Bldg.
Quezon City Hall Complex, Diliman, Quezon City
October 21-22, 2008
Seminar Fee: Php 2,500.00